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Building Your Web Content – Tips

Web content marketing can be a wolf in sheep’s clothing for small businesses. What may seem like the easiest discipline of all marketing strategies is actually one of the hardest, most time consuming and can be the most expensive.

Initially, focus on quantity. Content marketing can be scary to start for any business and sometimes people are so concerned about quality, they don’t make videos live. Don’t be that person. One of the first things to learn is how to hit the publish button regularly and confidently. There will always be an excuse not to publish content, but what good will that do for your brand? Push yourself to create meaningful and relevant content.

Tip #1. Create an editorial calendar. Your editorial calendar will outline all of the content pieces you’d like to publish during the month. Create titles, set dates for publishing and stick to the calendar.

Tip #2. Set a goal to publish one piece of content each day. Content can be anything from updating your evergreen pages to creating a blog post.

Do not penny pinch. Only 32 percent of marketers say they are producing enough content, according to content-marketing software Kapost. The reason being is most companies that are new to More >


SEO-Based Web Writing and Distribution

SEO-based Web Writing and Distribution

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