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This document on eight tips to crafting successful perfect White Papers as online content materials was originally written in 2005, but the marketing writing points made here are so elemental – and like most writing advice and tips are still spot on – that I wanted to share with you my loyal Hat Trick Associates readership. White Papers can be an incredibly valuable tool when used correctly, with a very high success rate when it comes to prospect-development & engagement when utilized in an optimized manner. In other words, they create great Return on Investment for your online marketing dollars.

One of my favorite seconds of this PDF concerns the ever-twiddling amount of attention that ANYTHING online will get these days. (In fact, are YOU still reading? Then I’ve done part of my job at least….in getting you past the 3-second mark. See how quickly that time passes?) In fact, I hold true to the contention/concept that attention is the new online “currency” in today’s Internet marketing tech-driven environment.

Tip#3 – Follow the 3-30-3 Rules

Decisions are made through a series of thought subsets, or what is called “thin slicing,” and often the most important information leading to the best decisions comes from the very first “slice” of thinking. In three seconds of glancing at your white paper (or post, or webpage, or direct mail – whatever – but this case we are focusing on just white papers of course), a prospect will make the first “snap” judgment about your company: do you have something meaningful to say, and are you a credible source? If you use your three seconds well, readers will move on to the next thin-slice of their decision, and grant you an additional 30 more seconds.
In that time they will decide whether or not your message deserves more calculated consideration. Here, the first few paragraphs are key. A powerfully written introduction that speaks to the reader about his or her business need, and delivers the payoff of opportunity or improvement that can be gained through manageable and well-defined action, is absolutely necessary to win the next slice of the prospect’s time. Remember, you must do this quickly. You have only 30 seconds of reading time. Assuming you’ve written a succinct, on-target introduction, your prospect now will grant you three more minutesto make your point.
Here’s where many white papers fall apart. No matter how complex your product or service, no matter how challenging the business issue is, you need to build your case in the first three minutes. If you get more time, great. But don’t create a white paper that needs ten minutes’ time to make its point. Your prospect simply isn’t going to give you that much time. technical folk have a bit more patience, but anything over 8 pages or so is starting to push it in the views of many seasoned pros.
At Hat Trick Associates are more than happy to run you through the entire prospect of YOU creating the white paper on your own, or working in partnership with us to get this invaluable online marketing piece created. You can always reach us at (314) 494-3494, or by reaching out via email to jhaynes@hattrickassociates.
And may your next white paper project be a smashing success, regardless of how it’s created!