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Press Release Writing – We write newsworthy press releases that get picked up and sell.


Press Release WritingThe right tone and content of a release is key to coverage. Knowing how to write in a way that sells in just the right way while also staying within the realm of “news” is vital. Coming up with strategies and story ideas that can work as both news and a sense of promotion is an art more than a science. With over 10 years of hard-won PR and marketing agency experience, I have learned the techniques to efficiently write press releases that will generate media coverage.

Releases that I have written and then distributed have been picked up by 1,000+ news media and industry-specific websites worldwide – generating a massive amounts of brand awareness, sales inquires and conversions for those companies. I’ve been on the front page of Yahoo news, The leading French paper, La Monde, MSNBC, the Boston Globe and NY Times among many others. We’ve had releases which we picked up by over 25,000 media outlets, with a good number of those specialized feeds of course.

Your press release writing can also create tremendous SEO value from the links back to your website with the release from places like Google, Yahoo, Bing and AOL News, along with all the traditional print based media outlets.

I would enjoy the chance to give the one single biggest secret that I learned working in PR for over 15 years now. This technique practically guarantees that your/our press release will be accepted by the largest distribution services such a PRNewswire (the most important) and other major outlets. This acceptance by major outlets when press release writing should definitely not be taken for granted.

Even if you write a release that is universally accepted, without this knowledge it’s hard to find media “legs” for your story. And viral is what are hoping for, right? Let me help.


As I’ve said throughout the site, my goals are to 1) be super easy to work with, and 2) essentially give most of my best tricks and strategies away for free. This is simply the model which has proven to be the most successful (by far). I know that there are always some folks who still need my help, and the DIYers can go out there and give it a shot on their own. (Hey, report back your experiences…maybe you’ll educate ME on something!)

You can best reach me via a call to: (314) 494-3494: or shoot an email to:

Jim Haynes | Owner, Hat Trick AssociatesJim


Sample Press Release Package Highlights:

Release is distributed to 6,500+ U.S. Newspapers and 3,500+ Magazines

Distribution to all search engines – Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, AOL

Distribution to many popular newswires, opt-in journalists, RSS feeds and more

Release shared with 600+ industry channel websites

SEO anchor text links, tags, etc. within your press release

Include logos, images, files and even video

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