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We research and write fresh, high-quality and SEO-unique web content for new and existing websites in all types of industries. This could take the form of new webpages, a regular blog, social media posts, videos and images, guest blog posts, or articles and press releases that you include on your site and share elsewhere.

My web content writing services done through my new business, Best Online Writer.

High-quality content should position you as the expert that readers are looking for as the go-to resource and drive new sales on your site. It should also be written using the correct keywords and format to appeal to the search engines, to improve your SEO rankings.

Publishing content often is a key to these rankings for a number of reasons, and also helps maintain credibility with readers. But many small and mid-sized businesses don’t have the resources or desire to stick to a publishing schedule. Which is where we come in. If you’d like to learn more or have questions, please contact me.

I have many years of web content writing and editing, and can help keep you on a regular publishing schedule – which is something that’s very important for Google.

High Quality Web Content is Critical

So if you have budget to invest in your website, I would say, “Hire a web content writer to write for you.” My first piece of advice to clients in the past WAS “Write for yourself, or hire a web content writer”, but I’ve learned over time that having the client 100% responsible for the writing rarely works. Why? Because most business owners and other internal folks are busy doing, well….their “real” day to day jobs….and very often don’t have the long-term time, patience, skill or basic desire to stick to a regular publishing plan or writing calendar.

I typically check back in to see their blogs a few months down the road to see they started strong – with maybe 3 or 4 weeks of blog posts – and then the frequency starts tailing off. Then I see they haven’t made a single post in quite some time. This is a situation that I’ve seen time after time with clients, which is why I recommend hiring a pro.

Hiring a Professional

When you realize that you and your business cannot handle the demands of regularly scheduled and posted blogs – the circumstance that the vast majority of other businesses find themselves in too – it’s time to bring in a web content writing and blogging pro to help you.

I work with many businesses in lots of different industries, and it becomes my job to immerse myself in your company and your industry or field. I know how to research your industry and take what I learn – along with YOUR unique knowledge – to craft blog posts which showcase your company’s expertise to potential customers or clients. Consumers LOVE regularly published blogs, and they attract the attention of Google to your website too.

And having a professional content writer to write your blog, who understands your business from top to bottom, can also pay off in other ways in the future as additional writing needs present themselves.


Give me a call at (314) 494-3494 or send me an email at: jhaynes@hattrickassociates.com with your questions and to share whatever potential writing needs you think you may have. We can talk about your unique position, I can share with you some insights, and maybe we can find some ways to work together to accomplish your goals.

Together we can find a way to create a regularly published blog (or any other web writing project) that you’ll be very proud of, and which will help your site gain popularity with Google and other search engines, too.



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