Online Freelance Writing Service

Should You Outsource Content Marketing?

To have the maximum amount of success online you should be publishing materials for your website viewers to digest on an ongoing basis.

This might be in the form of a weekly blog, new pages that feature all the various products and services that you offer, updates to your homepage, new online “specials”, and lots of other potential ideas.

Online Freelance Writing Service

To have the most impact, the best content developers have 3 critical skills:

  • Writing
  • Domain expertise – are you an expert in the subject you’re writing about?
  • Networking skills – Do you know how to promote effectively?

The writing aspect is pretty self-explanatory. Some folks are simply much better writers than others. Or perhaps two people are of equal skill, but one enjoys writing and the other compares it to a trip to the dentist.

Domain expertise is important, but you shouldn’t discount the ability of a high quality researcher learning what they need to know to effectively communicate at least the basics of your field or industry, and then filling them in on the details or personal insight you find most valuable.

Networking skills in this case can refer to the technical ability to post items correctly online, following SEO (search engine optimization) rules, sharing them via social media and through other avenues to gain the most visibility for your website.

Finding someone on your team with all three of these skills – and then the most important of all, the actual time needed to utilize them – can be a challenge for some businesses.

If that’s the case, one choice is to bring in a new staffer to handle the writing and posting duties. For those looking for a simpler and more cost-effective solution, working with an outside vendor/freelancer – of which Hat Trick Associates is just one of your many choices – is the right call.

Whatever you decide, realize that there are significant benefits to you regardless.


If you’d like to learn more about why adding consistently building your website is such a valuable tool, please give me a call at (314) 494-3494 or email me at: You can also Contact Me via my website here at any time to get the conversation started.


mobile friendly websites

Is Your Site Mobile Friendly?

mobile friendly websites

In Q4 2014, 29 percent of online searches happened on mobile devices according to industry leader MOZ. And that number continues to rise as mobile device screen time dominates computer use at 60 percent vs 40 percent now. Considering Google’s inclusion of being mobile friendly as a factor in search result rankings, it is vitally important to know your mobile SERP performance.  Are you optimizing your site for mobile search traffic? Don’t worry, we have you covered if not.

Local SEO and Google updates

Local SEO and Google Algorithm Shifts

Local SEO and Google updates
It may be hard for those not familiar with SEO to understand the impact of an algorithm change Google, and why their sites may have seen a huge shift in web traffic (usually just temporary, if you’re working with the right team).

But the truth is, no one outside of Google truly knows everything that goes into their algorithms, and what each change means – at least not at first.

This makes sense, since the last thing Google wants is for SEOs to “game” the system, by using tricks designed to fool the search engines into ranking sites more highly than they should. Google is all about user experience – the searcher finding exactly what he or she needs that answers their query. This can’t happen if SEOs are using what we call “Black Hat” techniques to send users to their own sites that do not meet the precise needs of the searcher, or do so in deceptive ways (from Google’s perspective).

The most recent occurrence was just a few days ago, and had local SEOs buzzing in a big time way. Over the last week or so, without any announcement (Google sometimes does, and sometimes doesn’t, announce major shifts) Google made a significant algorithmic change that alters how the local results rank in both Google Maps and the local packs in web search., a huge resource for SEO professionals, shows the shift on the 15th of May. The Local Search Forums had tons of local SEO experts documenting the change. Major voices in the industry such as Mike Blumenthal called the location results screwy and the forums simply lit up around this.

Most agreed that something went wrong with location detection (Google knows where you are when you conduct a search; that is how they tailor the results to your local area) and ranking of local results. It is almost believed to be a bug with Google’s location detection systems.

As usual, Google had little to say to the online world about these changes. But it seems based on some new reports in the SEO community that things are reverting back to how they were prior to the update, the update Google won’t talk about.

The point is, sometimes things happen that are completely out of the control of your SEO partner. Sometimes it takes a considerable amount of digging to find what when wrong, and then to correct it. However, we you partner with the right team, your Local SEO program can get you where you want to be. Hearing that little bell you have on the front door, letting you know another opportunity just stepped into your business.

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