SEO Content Marketing Builds Website Traffic and Revenue

Adding high quality to your website does so many things. People will see you as a leading authority for industry insight and information. It persuades prospective customers with attention-grabbing communication, and encourages them to share via their social media accounts. It signals to Google, Yahoo and Bing that your website is relevant and up-to-date. And it keeps your web content fresh and interesting for website visitors.Content-Writing

Your Web Content Strategy

To connect and do business with targeted inbound prospects, you need more than simple “content” on your site – you need the right content.

Maximizing your site’s traffic potential involves using popular keywords customers use to search for your products and services.

   – Web designers, developers & novice SEO marketers all too often overlook the crucial phase of proper keyword research and analysis, but this keyword research is a major part of our comprehensive content strategy process

   – We analyze keywords specific to your website and customer demographics

   – We then create web content that not only utilizes the keywords you need, but CONVERTS visitors into customers! Yes that may seem obvious, but you would be surprised at the SEO writers out there who have no experience with creating ad and promotional copy, like we do. Getting visitors to your site doesn’t mean much if they don’t do business with you, does it?


SEO – Search Engine Optimization

We write content that captivates the attention of not only the search engines but readers too. But SEO is about a lot more than just web content. It includes things like title tag optimization, anchor text, meta descriptions and keywords, linkbuilding, being in certain directories, social media links and shares, image and video tagging, and much more. We have the experience to help you with each of these for a site optimized for your customers and prospects.


SEO Web Content Writing

SEO Content Marketing is Key to Your Website’s Success

How I Can Help

I write content of the highest quality for your new or existing website, or for any other marketing need you may have

  – We write engaging marketing messages that result in sales conversions and your content being shared socially

  – We also provide social media marketing and email marketing, Pay Per Click/Google AdWords services, press release writing and more

Contact us for some free education on what you could be doing right now to help your business succeed online, regardless of what internal or external marketing resources you utilize to tackle it.

Hire an Affordable SEO Web Content Writer

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Web Content Marketing for Handy Pak Net Co.

Web Content Marketing and Handy Pak Net Co.

Web Content Marketing for Handy Pak Net Co.

Another New Client Starting a Web Content Marketing Strategy: Are You Ahead of the Curve, or Way Behind?

You may already know this – but if you aren’t doing web content marketing for your web site right now, or have a strong social media presence, the truth is you have already fallen behind your competitors.

Of course you can still catch up, but it will take a concerted effort on your part to dedicate resources and energies into building up the SEO of you site to attract the attention of the search engines like Google, and have the type of web content on your site that actually converts visitors into customers. (That’s the whole point, right?)

With that in mind, Hat Trick Associates is very happy to announce the addition of the newest client to our roster. Handy Pak Net Company is the originator of a unique collapsible landing net that has used by fly fishermen for generations, going back to 1955.

After being idle for several years due to former owner’s retirement, Handy Pak Net Co. has gained new suppliers and have had all original tools refurbished to meet the demands of today’s fisherman/woman. Handy Pak Insta-Net More >


HTA Welcomes Client – Food Photographer in St. Louis

It’s another exciting day here at Hat Trick Associates, as we welcome another new client to our company.

For those looking for beverage and food photographer in St. Louis, our newest client Steve Adams Studio is one of the premier shops in town to get that perfect shot. Steve specializes in not only stock St. Louis food and beverage photography, but also pets and a number of other select subjects.

He has worked in his own studio since 1977, and his technical skills, professionalism and unique creativity has allowed him to build relationships and provide photographs for a great many clients, such as Nestle Purina, Bacardi, Panera and Pearl Vodka.

We are very proud of our new partnership with Steve and his team, and if you have a need for your own local St. Louis professional photographer you can reach Steve at (314) 781-6667 or via email at:

As with a many of our clients, our work with Steve and his team will focus on web content creation and SEO, social media marketing campaign management and other online promotional categories.