My Pitch to You

I begin with my pitch, because in the end that’s probably why you’re here.

I see my role as an SEO, web content and general online marketing professional as one in which I share my knowledge with others. You will see that almost every post on my site is geared towards education and teaching. You can apply the techniques I describe here on my site yourself, and will certainly see positive results in the future from your efforts. And some visitors will do just that, which is fantastic.

But I’m betting that some of you don’t want to do all of these things for yourself. You’re busy doing, well, your actual job.

And you’ll see the expertise I have in these subjects, and want to work with me to accomplish your online goals. It’s a business model I’ve had from the beginning, and it hasn’t failed me yet. Regardless of your intent, I welcome any and all questions or comments…please use the Contact form to the right or the Contact Me page. And hopefully you’ll find some things of great value in what I teach here on the Hat Trick Associates site. Thanks!


Web Content Marketing Increases Revenues

Adding high quality content to your website does so many things. Visitors will see you as a leading authority for industry insight. It persuades prospects with attention-grabbing communication, and encourages them to share via their social media accounts. It signals to search engines that your website is relevant and up-to-date.Content-Writing


Your Web Content Strategy

You don’t just need “content” that connects with visitors – you need the right content, structured correctly according to many variables.

We know things that competitors don’t, like the very recent Google algorithm changes and new rules to follow:

   * Did you know that pages need a minimum of 500 words, or they actually PENALIZE your website?

   * If you’re using Categories in WordPress, stop! Go back to previous posts and remove them too.

   * De-index images. Google views them as separate pages, and they don’t have 500 words of copy.


Web Content Supports SEO

We write content that captivates the attention of search engines and readers too. But SEO is about more than web content.

It includes on-site optimization like title tags, anchor text, meta descriptions and keywords, and off-site components like link-building, business directories, social media shares, and more.

Our experience allows us to take advantage of each of these to bring more potential customers to your site.



Local SEO

Does your business rely on the local communities for customers? Do you have a physical location? Provide goods and services to local consumers?

If the answer is yes, you need to visit our Local SEO Services page.

You may have heard about Local SEO, which is all about showing up on the first page of Local search results that Google now provides.

Below is the #1 listing for a very lucrative search term in St. Louis. This business shows up at the top of the first page of search results even with this totally unoptimized page. They haven’t even added a photo of the facility or uploaded a logo.

What makes them rank first then? One reason is a number of good reviews (which we can help you get). But the real reason is – Google simply couldn’t find anyone better.

94% of searches never leave the first page. What could being on the first page be worth to YOUR company?

Local SEO is THE golden opportunity of SEO in the last 10 years…





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Not only do I write high quality SEO-based content, with an eye for conversions as well, for all types of clients – and all types for projects – but there are a number of other projects I’ve done regularly . Here are some highlights that go beyond the standard SEO copy that I write for websites and company blogs

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