SEO Content Marketing Builds Website Traffic and Revenue

Adding high quality to your website does so many things. It distinguishes you as a leading authority for industry insight and information. It persuades prospective customers with attention-grabbing communication, and encourages them to share via their social media accounts. It signals to Google, Yahoo and Bing that your website is relevant and up-to-date. And it keeps your web content fresh and interesting for website visitors.Content-Writing

Creating Your Content Strategy

To connect and do business with targeted inbound prospects, you need more than simple “content” on your site – you need the right content. Maximizing your site’s traffic potential involves using popular keywords and common phrases customers associate with your products and/or services. But do you know the precise terms your prospective customers use for their searches? How do you discover this information?

   – Web designers, developers & novice SEO marketers all too often overlook the crucial phase of proper keyword research and analysis, but this keyword research is a major part of our comprehensive content strategy process

   – We research and analyze keywords specific to your website and customer demographics

   – We use a number of proprietary search term archives and data sources to review historical query frequency and evaluate competition

   – By assessing both search volume and SEO/SEM competition for various phrases & word combinations, we discover strong opportunities for focused inbound leads

   – We organize your web content in a logical, cohesive structure

   – We can help arrange your website content into an effective layout that delivers the greatest impact while producing the most conversions

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is at the core of modern online copywriting. We have many years of experience writing for the web, and with SEO in mind.

   – We deliver copy that captivates readers and the attention of search engines

   – We focus on consumer relevance while always considering keyword density

   – Our web content and blogging services all follow “best-practice” SEO, including title tag optimization, anchor text links, meta description, meta keywords, image alt text

SEO Web Content Writing

SEO Content Marketing is Key to Your Website’s Success

How Hat Trick Associates Can Help

    Our writers produce professionally written materials of the highest quality for your new or existing site

   – We write engaging marketing messages that result in sales conversions and your content being shared socially

   – Whatever your writing needs are for your website, Hat Trick Associates can deliver.

   – We also provide full social media account setup and management, email marketing, PPC and landing pages, press releases, ad copywriting for physical marketing pieces and much more

Contact us to learn more about the many services we can offer you to help your business become more successful online.

Hire an Affordable SEO Web Content Writer

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Web Content Marketing and B2B Purchase Behavior

SEO Content Marketing and B2B Purchase Behavior

SEO Web Content Management and B2B Purchase Behavior Research

SEO Content Marketing and B2B Buyers

Though B2B SEO professionals surely understand the value in web content marketing initiatives, we sometimes fail to understand the level of content commitment required to demonstrate success.

In the Chief Marketing Officer Council’s recent study, titled “The Content Connection to Vendor Selection,” researchers uncovered six distinct personas that all consume different types of content and share that content with other levels within the company.

According to the report, these various buyers consume a spectrum of web content marketing assets in an effort to keep current on new technologies, glean insight and shape purchasing decisions, and (most importantly for B2B vendors) identify potential suppliers, partners and solution providers. Thus, B2B marketers should develop content across all of these personas for maximum exposure.

But, equally important was the fact that most buyers will seek neutral, third party, and fact-driven content when making purchase decisions. This means that vendor content also has to be distributed across third-party sites and social media platforms where buyers actively search and discuss needs. Search is still a critical first step in the vendor discovery process. According to the report, approximately 68 percent start their content sourcing More >

SEO Google Hummingbird and Web Content

Hat Trick Associates – What Bloogers Must Know About SEO and Google Hummingbird

SEO, Google and Hummingbird in 2014

Hat Trick Associates – SEO and Google Hummingbird, Explaining Algorithm Changes

Prior to Google’s Penguin and Panda, SEO (search engine optimization) often repeating keywords and phrases throughout blog posts and webpages. This achieved a higher Page Rank for a website, so SEO strategists figured out what the algorithms were looking for and flooded their content with it. But it didn’t provide much value to the end user.

If you remember those days, many searches would pull up nonsense articles, but which included the key words you were looking for. Searches yielded frustration because you pulled up sites that appeared on the surface to address your needs, but turned out to be bogus sales sites.

If a webmaster wanted to appear on the first page of Google for a competitive (and lucrative) term like “make money online,” he would repeat the phrase approximately 5% of the time in an article. He would also include it in the article’s title and high in the actual text, such as “Make Money Online The Right Way.” The result was useless pages and posts, and unfulfilled search needs.

Another strategy was to use the importance that Google placed on links from other websites using More >


Web Content Writer vs Link Building. Which is Best?

What’s More Important to You, a Web Content Writer or Link Builder?

I am often asked by clients, prospects or simply friends and colleagues, What is the single most important thing I should be doing for my online marketing and promotion? The answer I give may seem self-serving, but you’ll see in a moment that it’s not….Add More Quality Web Content.

SEO is a changing discipline, constantly evolving and changing to reflect the most contemporary view of what a “good” website is, and also to disallow folks to “game” the system, simply by using tricks and black hat techniques to take advantage of the ranking system. Thus, what’s important today can be very different from what came before. What was the most important thing before? Links.

Links to your site, from other highly-ranked and respected websites, was the major contributor to your SEO score not long ago. Actually, there are an untold number of variables that are factored in to give your site its rankings…some very critical, others very minor. But links have always been near the top of the list, and they are *certainly still important. And it makes sense to use them as an indicator obviously – if these other More >