The vast majority of searches done today are for LOCAL products and services.

A whopping 94% of consumers pick a link on the FIRST PAGE of results. If your customers can’t find you there, they usually don’t find you at all.

Local SEO helps your website rank more highly with Google, Yahoo and Bing for customers searching in your geographic area.


Local SEO Services are vital if you:

1) Have a physical location where you expect consumers to go

2) Rely on local neighborhoods and community to sell your product or service

Local SEO Services for your community based business

With our Local SEO services you’ll see:

  • Increased customer traffic to your website
  • More calls and walk-in volume to your local storefronts
  • Increased calls to your local office or warehouse
  • Increased online brand exposure and improved customer experiences
  • Improved accuracy of your business information
  • Maximized return on investment

More people now access the web via a handheld device than a traditional PC. You also need a site that is mobile friendly, so that it can be viewed properly on smartphones and tablets.

mobile friendly websites







mobile friendly websites

Is Your Site Mobile Friendly?

In Q4 2014, 29 percent of online searches happened on mobile devices according to industry leader MOZ. And that number continues to rise as mobile device screen time dominates computer use at 60 percent vs 40 percent now. Considering Google’s inclusion of being mobile friendly as a factor in search result rankings, it is vitally important to know your mobile SERP performance.  Are you optimizing your site for mobile search traffic? Don’t worry, we have you covered if not.

Local SEO and Google updates

Local SEO and Google Algorithm Shifts

It may be hard for those not familiar with SEO to understand the impact of an algorithm change Google, and why their sites may have seen a huge shift in web traffic (usually just temporary, if you’re working with the right team).

But the truth is, no one outside of Google truly knows everything that goes into their algorithms, and what each change means – at least not at first.

This makes sense, since the last thing Google wants is for SEOs to “game” the system, by using tricks designed to fool the search engines into ranking sites more highly than they should. Google is all about user experience – the searcher finding exactly what he or she needs that answers their query. This can’t happen if SEOs are using what we call “Black Hat” techniques to send users to their own sites that do not meet the precise needs of the searcher, or do so in deceptive ways (from Google’s perspective).

The most recent occurrence was just a few days ago, and had local SEOs buzzing in a big time way. Over the last week or so, without any announcement (Google sometimes does, and sometimes doesn’t, announce major shifts) Google made a More >

Online Marketing that Works

Online Marketing and Creating Urgency with Customers

The role of Hat Trick Associates, and any online marketing professional in general, is generating revenue for the client. Now, of course I believe that means a strong SEO campaign, great content, and a good social media presence. But anything that makes the client money – I don’t care if it’s hot air balloons – is more money that they can spend on promoting their business online.

Here is a general marketing tip from HTA: Marketing is about creating a sense of urgency to fulfill an immediate need, immediately, in most cases. One of the best uses I have seen or heard of this happened just now on Pandora. “Take a picture of this coupon on the screen right now during this ad to get X off or Free whatever…”

The actual offer didn’t matter much, they had me scrambling for my phone to get the Camera app open to take a pic of the screen before I even knew what the offer was…I didn’t want to miss out.

And I *just took the photo in time. It was almost exciting. They created the sense of urgency they needed to (It was Sport Clips, in this case). More >