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Fact: Email Marketing is still the preferred method of business communication for the majority of professionals in 2014

With so many different marketing channels available today, especially social media, using email to keep in regular contact with your customer base is often overlooked. But it shouldn’t be. True, most of the other options are a lot “sexy” than that of the hottest new social media trends. But hype doesn’t matter to you, does it? At least, online sales conversions are worth more no?

Well then you should know the current email marketing research. Right now, in 2014, research shows that over 50% of business owners and professionals STILL prefer email for direct marketing campaigns and promotional materials. This number is almost shocking upon first seeing it. But then put yourself in the mindset of the typical higher level executive or business owner. They got a lot of things on their plates already, and email is the tried and true for everybody from my generation and beyond. So that this all means – your list of email contacts can be an absolute revenue goldmine, and you might not even know it.

Three are a number of reasons that email marketing programs can be both effective and ROI friendly when promoting

Email marketing programs can be a very effective and ROI friendly way to promote your business, your products and services.

Email Marketing Services

    – I manage the entire process, from the creation of the drip mail, newsletter or special design template, the writing and distribution, and management of your email address lists  

    – Our designers and programmers can custom build whatever it is that you may need

    – Publish on whatever schedule you would like, we keep your list up-to-date

    – See how many people viewed your email, clicked through to your site, which email addresses “bounced” and much more

    – Modify the email marketing program continually based on this data to ensure the highest open rates and engagement


Your email database is a great source of added revenues. Don’t miss the opportunity to use one of your most unique resources.

There are few companies would couldn’t benefit from a targeted email template, a drip email campaign, or online newsletter. Contact Us today to learn more about how inexpensive it can be to generate more revenue online with email marketing. You can also call me at (314) 494-3494, or email me directly at

My goal is be incredibly easy to work with, and give away all the “secrets” I can regarding email marketing (and everything we do). It’s proven by far to be my most successful strategy.



Jim Haynes – Owner, Hat Trick Associates


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