Web Content

As of 2014, over 3 billion of the world’s population has internet access. That’s over of all of the people on Earth. There is no reason why your business website cannot attract thousands of potential buyers, regardless of your industry and target market. Your target market is already out there, waiting for you to join the conversation. Blogging really does help build online awareness for your brand. Here’s how.

Content, much like a diamond, is forever.

When you build your website with high-quality web content, users can access your informative blog posts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even as you sleep, potential customers can access the wealth of knowledge and entertainment that is your specialty blog. For years to come, your blog posts will attract traffic to your website and continue to market your business for you on autopilot. Timeless, authoritative content never loses its shimmer.

Great blog posts show customers that you know your stuff.

A professionally written blog highlights your business as a place to go for expert services and products. Who would you rather do business with – a business with a three page website detailing their business hours, their location, and a long-winded about page about how the business was named after the founder’s beloved great-grandmother who died of tuberculosis in Sweden in 1947? Or a business that caters to the customer’s hunger for more information?

Your readers crave great web content.

Internet users are always looking for the next solution. When their toilet clogs, their baby cries for twenty hours straight, or their spleen hurts, the first thing they do is hop on a browser and search for educational web content. When they have a question about your industry, there you’ll be, on the first page of Google, a shining beacon of curiosity-quenching information and entertaining blog posts. Your potential customers want to check out your blog, and it’s your duty to over-deliver with professionally written content.

Business blogging builds loyalty.

A blog post should be thoughtful, professional, and, preferably, created by a content creator with proven skills to help you connect with your audience. Speak to them, and they will listen. Keep your comments section open so users can leave comments and questions, and respond frequently. Your blog comments can become a community of users who repeatedly return to your newest posts to participate in discussions.

Regular content puts (and keeps) your business on the (digital) map.

Each time you add a new blog post to your website, you prove to search engines that your site is an active, updated source of content. While 2-3 percent keyword density for SEO is a thing of the past, well-researched, genuinely inspired content will naturally help your website rank highly in search engines. Business services sites obtain about 73 percent of their web traffic from search engines – so if you’re looking to get more traffic to your business online, you should definitely aim to rank highly in as many relevant Google result pages as you can. Regular blog posts make this possible.

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