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SEO is “Search Engine Optimization”, or work done to make your website more attractive to Google and other search engines – to come out at the top of search results when consumers are seeking your products and services.

When you understand 96% of consumers pick a link on the 1st page of search results, you realize that SEO is the difference between spinning your wheels online vs. making actual revenue.

Local SEO is a category just for local businesses. This means brick & mortar stores and offices, of course.  If your company sets appointments to go where your customers live or work, this includes you too.  Basically, If you expect   area people to ever 1) physically find your location, or 2) call you directly   regarding what you offer, Local SEO is designed for you.

Short list of businesses that see huge benefits from Local SEO:

Professional services, realtors, mortgage companies, banking services, financial advisors,  insurance agents, all attorneys, accountants, travel agents, independent agents of many types

Medical and health providers, doctors, dentists, orthodontists, opticians, home healthcare and all senior services, veterinarians, child care, weight loss, gyms, sports medicine, chiropractors

Any auto-related businesses; home improvement and contractors, all repair (on or off site)  maintenance, electricians, HVAC, pest control, household appliances, furniture; computers and tech providers, all emergency services,

Retail and consumer services, restaurants, bars; gourmet foods/wines/spirits, gift shops, bakeries, florists, framers, bridal, photographer, fashion, boutiques, jewelry/watches, dry cleaners, bowling alleys, golf courses, pool halls, sporting goods, music schools, dance & gymnastic studios, hairdressers, beauty/nail salons, pet products, kindergartens/preschools

Local SEO Mobile Device Usage Stats

People find local businesses online now.

With Local SEO, the hard work has been done already, they are searching for your offering right now. Local SEO is highly-targeted online marketing, designed to give you the opportunity to promote yourself right when your potential customer is in Google, Bing or one of the other search engines, looking for the same products and services you offer.

Consumers aren’t in the yellow pages, they are doing searches on their PC or mobile device instead, many times right down the street from you.

100 million Local searches done each day, a number which can only grow over time.

Hat Trick Associates uses the search engines themselves and hundreds of other business and niche directories to ensure you’re everywhere you need to be, with the most accurate information – so Google, Bing and others will feature you when people do searches nearby for the products and services you offer.

For far more detailed information about our Local SEO Package, please check out this PDF, and then contact us to answer your questions and/or get started with your own program. In 2016, it’s becoming hard to compete without a Local strategy!


Jim Haynes | Owner, Hat Trick Associates



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