The major search engines are focusing on creating the best possible user experience, which means websites that offer relevant information stand to gain the most visibility. Investing in original, quality content creation is essential to SEO success in the current search climate, and the benefits of producing visitor-friendly content go far beyond rankings.

When you review successful web content writing marketing strategies that can be carried across your entire website, frequently updated blog posts and social media updates in Facebook and through Twitter have always increased its organic search traffic through all of Google’s Panda updates. Google loves high quality, unique content that is frequently updated, no doubt. So much so, that this type of content has become the only real way to guarantee improvements in the organic traffic of your site. The process may happen quickly or more slowly, depending on a number of factors…but it will happen every time.

Recent studies have found that 50% of consumers are more likely to click on a search result if the brand appears multiple times on the results page. Which means strong SEO efforts throughout your entire site – so that you appear multiple times in search results – is a winning strategy. Another great statistic is that 92% of marketers say that content creation is either “very effective” or “somewhat effective” for SEO. These are folks that are continually ROI driven, so these real world results are quite reliable. 76% of marketers who have strategic SEO campaigns in place invest in content creation. 61% of consumers are more likely to purchase good from businesses that offer custom content, and 57% of marketers have acquired new customers via their blogs – this Hat Trick Associates website being one great example.

Paid links are steadily decreasing in SEO value, while CTR, bounce rate, the content’s readability and usability are gaining in importance, and the impact of page-level social signals, driven by content, is the #1 predicted more valuable search factor by SEO experts. Marketers are investing $12.5 billion in online content in 2012, a number that is sure to only go up and up.