We talk a lot about web content writers and SEO on our blog, but email remains strong for many marketers, despite the overwhelming adoption of social media and mobile platforms. Why is this?

Much of the time spent engaging with new channels and platforms is “new activity” time.  It’s not a zero-sum equation where time is being taken away from email. We as consumers have largely chosen that we prefer email as a medium to receive corporate communications from brands, 74% of adults say they prefer commercial messages in this way versus all others.

We like email, it’s manageable.  It’s something we understand. And by now the vast majority of us have learned to integrate email into our lives. True…older folks that have not adopted email by now have become likely to never adopt it; younger people may turn away from email completely in favor of other communication methods. But that said, email is still accepted by a very large percentage of the adult population, and the number of young people who do NOT use email is a growing but still small number – especially when you consider purchasing power. So email marketing isn’t going away.

Another emerging trend is using individual data within your email. Right now, most campaigns send the exact same message out to everybody. And this works quite well for many campaigns, especially considering the time requirements – write one email, send it out to your entire list. Simple. But in this model there’s no data about my subscribers, individually, that I’m using to send that message. I’m blasting the same message to everybody.

When we talk about “data-driven campaigns” we are taking full advantage of individual subscriber info in order to tailor more relevant communications for people.  It’s not necessary for many types of emails or businesses, for sure. But for those where it makes sense, it could be something as basic as “Has this person actually purchased a product before?” Within many campaigns now no distinction is being made, or individual lists must be maintained to track each category; in the future, smart distribution services will do all of that for you.

There are thus a number of reasons why email marketing is here to stay, and how it can become even more effective in the future. If you and your company are interested in learning more about how to utilize what could be a potential gold mine – your list of contacts and customers –give us a call at 314 494-3494 or contact us today to get the conversation started!