With Yahoo Explorer now gone, and other backlink tracking tools that lack its breadth and depth, have infrequent updates, AND most important cost money…it was time to find something new.

What we found were a couple of tools that offer more than Explorer ever did, with a robust set of backlink and domain research tools. Each of these tools are fairly new, and both have frequent updates to offer better and more precise data. There are paid versions of course, but the amount of information you can get for FREE is also astonishing. It’s quite likely that a high percentage of their free users will actually bump up to their cost effective subscription-based models as the learn the value of the data they are receiving.

These two powerful tools are:

Majestic SEO





The purpose of all of the SEO Web Writing and Content Distribution you are doing of course is to generate great backlinks to your website that people will follow and that Google respects and likes. These tools are some of the best backlink and domain research or tracking tools we’ve found.

Check them out for yourself, and give us a call at (314) 494-3494 or Contact Us and send a quick message if you have questions about what all this valuable data means to you – and if you’d like to see the numbers that they share get better and larger!