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Buttons Create Conversions

There has been some research around whether using “buttons” on your website and in your email marketing campaigns as a call-to-action instead of words with links drives more clicks. It’s one of those things that every company really has to test for themselves.

For businesses that market to consumers, you’ll probably find buttons like “Sign Up Now” or “Buy Now.” If you’re marketing to businesses and you offer a white paper you might use the text “Download Now” or if you’ve got a tutorial for your viewers to watch it might be “View the Demo.” At any rate, an “actionable” word will usually work better than a passive one on your button. Instead of saying “Free Trial” you might try something like “Start Your Free Trial.” All of these things might seem subtle, but they also might get your readers doing what you want them to do.

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Our marketing team developed a few buttons for us to use internally. Feel free to grab ’em or copy them if they’ll work for your business!

In the end, it’s all pretty scientific, so as always we suggest you test them and see what works for your own audience!

The Top Ten Reasons To Write Effective Article Titles

Here’s Our Top Ten List – The Top Ten Reasons To Write Effective Article Titles

#10. Titles that are keyword-rich and relevant to your potential audience are the ones that are going to draw-in the most readers.

#9. Despite what Charlie Sheen says, “Winning!” is not a benefit oriented article title.

#8. Include benefits in the article title so your readers immediately know why they should read your article.

#7. Use the long-tail concept to position your article titles so they can find traffic across the entire keyword distribution curve.

#6. An effective title should be as attention-getting as Brad Pitt walking across this stage.

#5. The title is the window to the web content. If your reader likes what they see, they’ll stop by, if they don’t, they’ll continue on their way.

#4. Avoid using special characters in the article title because it can look like a #@S%& swear word and it confuses search engines.

#3. Don’t write the article title; let Hat Trick Associates do it for you utilizing best practices for free.

#2 The keywords in your article title should be words and phrases that both match the content in your article and include terms that people are actually searching for in search engines.

And the #1 reason to write effective article titles: Your article title can determine as much as 95% of the overall success of the article.


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