Maximum Visibility Local SEO Program – Affordable, Effective Marketing for Local Business

Our proprietary Maximum Visibility Local SEO Program is best package you can find anywhere – offering more features and benefits than you can find from anyone else online.

As the leader in Local SEO, our enterprise-level relationships with third party vendors gives us access to data that others cannot replicate, and we have connected to the APIs of a number of partners – with more on the way – to provide even more actionable information to you!

And in the end, isn’t that the real point? Not just numbers. But using this data to truly track your performance, and make the adjustments you need for your Brick and Mortar store or office, or local service to improve and expand?

Local SEO is still something that (a good number of) competitors are not (yet!) doing…so you have a window of opportunity available to you to gain a lead in your local marketing – take it while it lasts! Each directory you are entered into not only assures that your potential customers get accurate information while they are out and about, ALREADY searching for someone like you (…the hard work has already been done). Each one also creates a Citation for your business too.

Think of a Citation as one “vote” for your company online – every singular page that contains your NAP – Name, address, and phone number (*EXACTLY the same in all places) and a Citation is generate. Google and other search engines count up how many Citation you have when considering how highly to rank your business in Local search, and there are 100 million Local Searches done daily now.

Local searches are the most motivated, anywhere…80% of searches will end in a purchase! So you need to be found by these folks. See the PDF link below where we walk you through each page of the customized, monthly dashboard you will receive as part of our Package ~