Web Content, SEO and the Incredible Importance of Top Google Search Rankings

Online ad network provider Chitka recently confirmed that it is certainly *not lonely at the top! According to their latest study, the top listing in Google organic search results receives a whopping 33% of all online traffic, compared to just 18% for the second position. As you surely guess, the traffic deteriorates quickly from there. Which goes to show how having a well conceived and executed web content and SEO strategy is so absolutely CRITICAL to your company’s success.

For many, it’ll come as no surprise that the findings also showed a significant drop in traffic from Page 1 to Page 2 results. Page 1 results garnered 92 percent of all traffic from the average search, with traffic dropping off by 95 percent for Page 2.




Quite literally, a quality web writing publishing calendar and effective SEO work done in support of it can easily bring back returns of tens (or for some, even hundreds!) of thousands of dollars to companies that deploy them. This is the kind of ROI that is impossible to ignore!

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