How Does Local SEO Work, and Who Needs It

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How Does Local SEO Work, and Who is it For?

Many clients have questions about Local SEO, wanting to know things like “How does local SEO work“, “what are benefits of Local SEO?” or “should I do Local SEO” for my business.

SEO stands for “search engine optimization”, making your business more visible to potential customers.

It’s designed for bricks and mortar businesses, and those who visit customers locally where they live and work.

If your customers need to find your location, or need to call to set up appointments, Local SEO is for you.

These people may visit your website, but most will simply call you or walk in your front door.


Almost 1/2 of Searches are Now Local

People are online to find local businesses. 46% of searches are now local, 100 million daily!

How Does Local SEO work Yellow Pages are Dead

The fate of most phone books these days


In comparison, the Phone Book is Dead: 75% have given it up for good. Newspaper too, with readership in massive decline, down 40-80%.

Most likely your potential customers are on their mobile devices looking for someone like you.

Two Searches Create Local Results

1) When the consumer adds a “geo-modifier” to their search.

“Realtor in West County” “St. Louis Boutique Hotels” or “Chesterfield dry cleaners” are examples. Adding “near me” is similar.

2) Local result can be based on search term alone. Type “plumber” into Google, and it’s correctly assumed you want one nearby.

The searches are happening right now already, you just need to ensure your business is featured!


Local SEO Services Sample Seven PackWhen determining rankings, search engines scan the web looking for your NAP; name, address and phone number.

(*They also look for your reviews; learn the importance of business reviews).

They’d like to see an exact match of all three everywhere; even “Avenue” vs. “Ave” can help.


Google prefers to feature results they have the greatest confidence in, all things being equal.

Being 100% consistent creates this confidence, so it’s a best practice of Local SEO to be so.

It’s guaranteed there are errors, duplicates and omissions right now in your directory listings before your Local Visibility program, considering how many directories exist.

Once created, listings must be monitored and updated

Who Needs Local SEO?

A sampling of great candidates:

  • Professional services, realtors, mortgage companies, banking services, insurance agents, attorneys, accountants, tax prep, travel agents, most other independent agents
  • All medical providers, doctors, dentists, orthodontists, opticians, home healthcare, senior services, veterinarians, child care, weight loss centers, gyms, sports medicine, chiropractors
  • Any auto-related businesses; home improvement and contractors, all repair and maintenance, electricians, HVAC, pest control, household appliances, furniture; computers, emergency services
  • Retail and consumer services: restaurants, bars, gourmet foods/wines/spirits, gift shops, bakeries, florists, framers, bridal, photographer, fashion, boutiques, jewelry/watches, dry cleaners, golf courses, sporting goods, music schools, dance & gymnastic studios, hairdressers, beauty/nail salons, pet products, kindergartens/preschools


Take it Easy – the Hard Work Has Already Been Done

The best part about Local SEO is that the hard work, all the marketing and promotion, has been done.

These consumers are *already searching for someone like you, right now.

You’re just making sure you are featured during their searches.

These consumers are also the MOST MOTIVATED online.

By a large margin. 80% of them end up making a purchase, from someone, for the item or solution they’re looking for.

All you are doing is ensuring that you are seen before your competition…

So you now you have a basic answer to “how does local SEO work”.


Hat Trick Associates has been providing Local SEO service to successful local companies for years, and I’d love to talk with you more about how a very affordable plan could help you and your business.

You can reach me at (314) 494-3494, via email at:, or using the form to the right.

I hope to hear from you!


Jim Haynes, Owner | Hat Trick Associates

Local SEO Web Content Writer



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