Your Web Content Writing is a Critical Piece of the Puzzle for SEO

Using an editorial calendar for your web content writing

If you’re creating web content for SEO then you likely already know you need to keep your content up-to-date and fresh for the best results. Search engines like Google want to see relevant and current content on your site before they will consider it worth linking to. It can be difficult to come up with ideas to write about every day, which is where an editorial calendar comes into play. Here are some tips on setting up your editorial calendar for success.

Look at the calendar

Before you plan anything else, you should look at a calendar and find topics that are related to times, holidays, seasons, or other dates. Almost every topic has some kind of seasonality to it, where certain parts of the year lend themselves to writing certain kinds of pieces. For example, you might focus on Christmas time and do the “Twelve Days of Whatever” focused on your topic. The benefit of planning out this kind of content is that you can usually write it in advance. Write it at your leisure and keep it in the queue for the day it’s going to be published. Keywords might change if you write it early, however, so it’s a good idea to do a bit of research before you publish the final post. The calendar approach doesn’t require writing in advance, however. You might plan out a day when you write about an event that’s going to happen. Obviously, you can’t write about something before it has happened, but you can plan for it on the calendar.

Focus on your business

It’s likely that your web content writing is to support a business of some kind or another. The next big area you want to focus on is the goings on at your business. If you know when a product is going to be launched, it’s time to put it on the editorial calendar as well. It doesn’t have to be just one day either. You can write a few days worth of content to go around the big announcement to build buzz and traffic. Important anniversaries are also great fodder for content. When was the company started? When did you launch a certain product or feature? Next, you can write about new employees or executives as they come into the company. If there’s something important going on at your company then you should definitely be writing about it.

Be flexible

Ideally, you will plan out every day in advance so you don’t have to scramble to find topics to cover. That said, you might not be able to find anything suitable for a day that’s a year in the future in a nondescript time. Try to fill up the calendar, but don’t spend so much time on it that it takes away from the actual writing. If you can’t find something, mark it as an open day and be sure to keep an eye out for interesting ideas. Likewise, plan on some of your plans falling through or changing based on breaking news in your industry and the like. Your calendar is a great tool, but if you’re too attached to it then your content will suffer.

If you don’t have an editorial calendar then now is the time to get started! And if you need help with your content, contact Hat Trick Associates to learn more about how their web content writing rates can create positive ROI for your buisness.

Author’s bio: Carolyn is a guest author and an order management expert. She helps people find solutions that work with Shopify Inventory , 3dcart, and BigCommerce.