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SEO for Blogs Part III – Post Early, And Often

The more often you post new blog entries, the more “food” you give to the spiders, or the programs that crawl the web and index content for the search engines. It’s hard to over-estimate the importance of having lots of new and updated content on your site, and often. Great SEO for blogs depends on it.

If you have enough new content, the spider may even react by splitting up its indexing into more than one visit, when you may even have more web content, and so on and on. At this point the search engine(s) may simply decide to visit your website and index more frequently – a very welcome development for SEO. So keeping LOTS of FRESH, new web content on your site is critical, not just blog posts but also new webpages, social content, recorded webinars and video, everything. The more updated, the better. More content basically means that your pages get indexed more often and new pages or other content will show up more quickly, and be deemed more important by the engines as well.

And while you don’t need to post multiple, long-form blog posts every single day, if you cannot keep up with a regular publishing schedule, then find some assistance to help you…because this is an absolutely vital element of top rankings in Google, Bing, Yahoo and others, behind only high ranking, one-way backlinks and also using the proper tagging for everything on your site.

The bottom line is, with the right strategy, and help from a professional in the right places when you need it, you can and will draw more attention to your blog, and thus your website…and with well written and persuasive copy, you can increase your conversion rate and your online revenues and profit. You can always contact us when you are ready to take the next step, to create a plan that will accomplish your goals for not only your blog, but for your entire online promotion strategy as well.

Web and Social Content Creators

SEO For Blogs Part II – Length of Search Query

Part II of our discussion on SEO for blogs focuses on the phrases and keywords you should use to attract the most visitors to your site.

Recent research suggests that the highest conversion rates from search engine traffic actually comes from people who use a specific number of words in their search queries. The first question is: Do you know how many words you should be using? And the second more important question is, If you don’t know the answer to this question, how are optimizing your site for SEO?

The great thing is that your blog can become so well-indexed with the proper promotion that you have potential to show up for a large number of these phrases relevant to your industry with that knowledge.

Targeting your blog discussion to shorter phases is another strategy to potentially yield high traffic to your website and blog, once again by choosing appropriate keywords that may have less competition than others, and even less so since they aren’t what some consider the “optimal” length.

And think of it this way: Would you rather be the 20th result for a very competitive query, with loads of competition vying to win it, or be the 2nd or 3rd result for a relevant, but less common phrase or query?

Which do you think could generate more visits, and thus more attention, awareness and revenue for your company?

Also, some believe that since Google and other engines have been around for so long, and recognized the “big” players in most keyword and query categories, that competition is far too intense for any of the “good” keywords or phrases.

In one sense this is true for most general keywords and phrases, or the specific ones that are absolutely the most profitable – the ones that major corporations and other large institutions are willing to spend big money to “win” – or terms which many other larger organizations may simply be more relevant in regards to. They have spent large amounts of resources for lengthy periods of time with the engines to ensure they rank very highly for their target keywords and search phrases.

But many of the “most popular” queries currently conducted in search engines right now have come into existence in just the last couple of years…and of course as technology (and everything else!) continually advance, there will always be opportunities to “win” newer, profitable queries – if you know how to discover them. (This is one of the subjects that we focus on here at Hat Trick Associates.)

You can also set up your blog to repeat the keywords that you want to target just enough times to establish a theme that search engines can identify. You can take full advantage of this in your post titles, your category names, the pages URL names, or even a combination of Technorati tags and the text of your permanent links that appear after each post.

Up Next: The Importance of Timely Posting and Getting Linked with Your Blog

Web and Social Content Creators

Increasing The SEO Visibility Of Your Blog – Part I

A keyword focused and well written, keyword rich blog can naturally attract search engine traffic to your site for a variety of reasons.

Most blogs already have an “optimized” site architecture for the search engines, and have clear navigation options and links that go back to the homepage and other main pages of your site. They are also a simple way to keep your website content updated with fresh and relevant information for your readers, as thousands of readers of our Hat Trick Associates blog already know – increasing not only your search traffic, but you conversions and sales revenue, too.

So what are some of the other ways you can the SEO value and effectiveness of your blog?

Blog Directories

Links that “aim” back to your site  can be very valuable to you in the eyes of Google and the other search engines, since they help prove that your content is valuable and relevant to readers. “One way” links, or non reciprocal, are the most valuable…the premise being that “two way” links (from two sites linked to each other) could simply be part of an agreement to boost each other’s SEO score.

One great way to provide some of these great one-way links back to your website is through blog directories. There are thousands of relevant blog directories online, of many different sizes and specialties or importance.

Adding your own blog to the right ones can be a fantastic way to share your web content while raising the search engine visibility score of your website.

Knowing which ones can be difficult for many folks, however, and without the right subscription software, the process of submitting your own blog to each directory can be quite time-intensive.

But not only do we write blogs and write web and social content here at Hat Trick Associates, we also have the automated tools needed to easily submit your blog to the hundreds and thousands of blog and web directories out there that matter, and which can really boost the SEO of your website content.

If you would like to find out more about using this valuable, convenient service for your own website and professional blog, please contact us here at Hat Trick Associates.

But before you head out to start submitting your website, there are steps you should take to optimize your blog even before you promote it. You want your site to get the best keyword placement in the major search engines, but for the right keywords…the ones that not only bring in but convert traffic.

Blogs Keywords

With blog content keywords, you can choose to target a generalized, high-traffic keyword, but you often have little chance of ranking well for this keyword, and might not receive much in the way of additional traffic. The better option is to shoot for a keyword that gets a more moderate level of traffic – targeted traffic – which can result in more subscribers and sales.

These more lucrative keywords are important not because they bring the most eyeballs to your site, but because they bring the most profit to your organization.

You might even be surprised to learn that there often is NOT a great correlation between high traffic and high sales.

Many of the most profitable Internet sites on the globe actually get more modest traffic – but their lucrative keywords result in a much higher ratio of Visitors to Buyers, i.e. they rank for the right terms and keywords for the right subset of people who are suitable customers.

A good example of this phenomenon can be found right here on the Hat Trick Associates website.

We have a particular post on How Many Blogs Are There? This post has become a favorite of Google, Bing and Yahoo search, with thousands of visitors a month who find and read it.

However, much of this traffic comes from educational institutions or from other places in the world. In other words students conducting research or folks on the other side of the globe. High traffic, low conversions.

We are happy to share this information with whoever can use it, but this popularity and web traffic don’t actually bring in business. So focusing on the right, most lucrative keywords is critical for your organization.

If you don’t know what the best keywords for your organization’s website, that is another area that we can help with here at HTA.

Up next: Part II – Length of Search Query and Keyword Placement

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