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Hiring A Reliable Web Content Writer


The quality of your web content is critical if you really want to build your brands online and increase your web presence.

It’s vital that you provide quality content not only on your website but everywhere else you communicate online as well, such as article directories, press release sites or your email marketing efforts. Great content helps you achieve the two most important goals of your online marketing – increased sales conversions, and revenue online, and also creating future sales opportunities in the form of better SEO rankings for your website.

If you can’t provide the content that your target audience is looking for on your website, you should get someone to write it for you. Publishing often is a key to higher SEO rankings, as the search engines like Google LOVE frequently updated sites, it shows them that someone is actively managing your site and continuously communicating with your web visitors.

Here are some tips you should consider when looking to hire a content provider:

1. References

A reference refers to a personal testimony from a former or current client or a co-worker regarding your prospective contractor’s performance, attitude and work ethic. References can be included on an individual’s resume, on their business profile, or provided upon request. You need to contact those references in order to learn the background of your potential writer.

2. Writing Samples

Ask your potential ghostwriter to send you a few writing samples so that you can determine their writing ability and style. They need not be proficient in your niche (though it can be a big plus if they have some prior knowledge about it.) What you should consider most important is the writer’s overall ability to give your website a personality and character that your readers will love and relate to.

3. Search Engine Optimization

You must be absolutely sure your prospective writer is familiar with SEO. This is critical, since their written articles and webpages must get noticed by the search engines to have the most value. You should ask them to explain what they know about SEO, since their understanding of it may include mistakes such as spamming their articles with keywords.

4. Keep an eye for small details

Before you select a web content writer to interview, there will always be some exchange of communication between the two of you. Read messages carefully, and try to spot any mistakes in grammar or spelling. Simple typos are common and understandable, but poor writing is something that you should never consider when hiring a writer to represent and build your brand online. Ask the question: Would I be proud to have this quality of writing attached to my business, my brand, my product or service?

5. State the rules

As the paying customer, you have to state your policies regarding deadlines, quality, quotas or rewrites and edits, just in case you’re not satisfied with the work delivered. You should also specify any documents such as non-compete clauses or confidentiality agreements that must be signed before any work can start.

The mission of Hat Trick Associates is to provide one-source online marketing and consulting services to small and medium-sized business owners. We provide the expertise and resources of a large, nationwide marketing agency, with the responsiveness and flexibility that you would expect from a small, nimble team such as ours. “Big agency” results without the big agency price, we can handle all of your web and social content writing, SEO, graphic design, website programming and email marketing needs, among a number of other specialties. If it’s web, we can help. And our goal is to be as seamless and easy to work with as humanly possible, so you can spend your time doing what you do best – running your business. Take just a moment and contact our team if that sounds like something you might be interested in taking advantage of, and let’s get the conversation started today.

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5 Tips to Attract New Readers to Your Articles

Attracting a new set of readers to your articles or other web content isn’t always an easy task.

Of course, you’re always looking to grow the size of your audience, but it can be tricky hard to pinpoint exactly what makes one article more interesting/exciting/entertaining than the next one.

Increasing the reach of your article writing requires a balance of focus on not only the quality of your content, but also your ability to promote articles after publication. And every step in the process is important, but today’s focus is on the first basic requirement – writing good content. Here are five steps you can use to create a good article:

1. Tell a Story – Create a central theme or hook for each of your articles. Craft a story that your audience can relate or connect to versus just plainly stating facts with little narrative. How you choose to present information to your audience can make a big difference. A well-written story will attract and influence more readers.

2. Speak to One Person – Write your article as if you are communicating directly to a single reader. Try to use “you” instead of “they”, “he”, “she”, etc. This creates a perception with the reader that you are speaking directly to them and not to just anyone out in cyberspace. And if it’s your first impression with a reader, it’s a great way to start building a future relationship with them.

3. Provide Original Information – Even though a portion of your information or data will undoubtedly come from other sources, present your story in a fresh and original way. Always put your own personal, unique insights and spin into everything that you write. Your originality is what will ultimately set you apart from other authors.

4. Draw Inspiration – Use business or personal experiences in your everyday life for your writing inspiration. Live in your niche, and try to write the ideas that come to you during personal experiences down right when they pop into your head. Then you’ll have them ready when it’s time to write.

5. Be Creative – Even if you discuss or share information on the same basic topic(s), tell a new story with every article you write. Get creative and break the mold. The more you incorporate your creativity into your articles, the more likely you’ll start to gain a wider and more engaged audience.

And remember, quality still matters, and having an original, interesting article is just one part of the equation. Your article needs to be built soundly with proper grammar and punctuation too.

Keep these quick tips in mind to attract new readers while writing your next set of quality, original articles or other web content.

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Minimizing Distractions for Writers

Yes, Hat Trick Associates provides all kinds of writing and distribution services. But there are lots of folks who write for a living who also utilize our blog, or even those internal company writers in similar working conditions that could use some tips on how to be more productive in their writing. Here are some tips on how to:

Minimize and Eliminate Distractions

No matter what your niche is or how experienced you are as a writer, you’ve probably come to realize that dealing with distractions comes with the job. Your ability to complete a piece of writing is highly dependent on how well you can block out things going on around you to focus and just write.

Some distractions will always be out there, swirling around you and constantly grappling for your attention. Others come and go. What you do to minimize or even eliminate those distractions altogether will play a big role in how productive you can be and how stressful writing is for you.

Remember, writing should be fun! To help you keep that in mind, here’s our Guide to Uninterrupted Writing. We hope you can use these tips right away and maybe even have a little fun along the way.

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Eliminating Distractions

* Control Your Environment – Whether you’re at home or out in public, pick a quiet setting where you know you can be productive. In your own home or living space, pick a room that’s semi-private and used sparingly by others. Out in public, look for a quiet area where there aren’t a lot of other people. Also, control your environment in cyberspace by closing down any browser windows or programs that aren’t absolutely essential to your writing. It’s really easy to lose track of the time on the Internet, so avoid those time-wasting programs.

* Use Plain Text Editor or Pen & Paper – You can simplify your writing experience even more by using a plain text editor, like EditPlus or NoteTab to get your thoughts down. Word processing programs are great for all of their features and tools, but it can get distracting trying to figure out what each particular tool does. Using a plain text editor will help you focus on what matters most – the words.

If you’re still struggling with distractions, try to get away from the Internet altogether by writing the old-fashioned way with a pen and paper.

* Turn Off Device Notification Alarms – Now, on the other hand, when you need to be on the Internet for research purposes, you can keep your productivity up by turning off all program notification alarms. That includes instant messenger, cell phones, push notifications and the like. Think about it, you won’t be able to focus on writing if your wife keeps texting you about tonight’s tuna casserole, or you’re getting Facebook notifications from your friend ranting about his sports team. Turn off the notifications on these devices so they aren’t constantly beeping and dinging at you.

Now, we understand that sometimes you can’t get away from every distraction. In those cases, there are a few methods to at least minimize those distractions so they waste a little less of your time.

Minimizing Distractions

* Shut Out Outside Noises – Wear headphones or earplugs to reduce outside noise. Put on some music to block out the rest of the world. At first, the music will drown out the other noises around you, but eventually even the music seems to fade so you can focus on writing.

* Minimize Clutter on Your Desk – Desktop knick-knacks may be fun to play with but they can be distracting and consequently waste a lot of your time. Tidy up your work area before you use it and make sure you clean it regularly.

* Write an Outline – No matter what type of distraction you encounter, you can quickly get back on task by pre-writing an outline. When you get distracted you can just consult the outline to see what you were in the middle of explaining and what you planned on writing about next.

Remember that distractions are a part of life, but they don’t have to control your life. Take these tips and apply them to your next writing session.

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