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Web Content Marketing is Key to Website Popularity

New pages, blogs, photos and video added on a regular basis are vital to the popularity of your website, also called “SEO” or search engine optimization.

Content educates and motivates your visitors, and shows Google and other search engines you’re an industry-leader with the information that searchers need…thus worthy of better rankings results.

I’m an MBA-level writer, with an expert understanding of what search engines want.

Anyone Can Buy Website Traffic

With enough budget anyone can buy traffic for their website, even a low-quality one. But it’s going to be expensive!

And probably not convert your visitors into sales or contacts very well either… and isn’t that really the point?

My experiences in a marketing agency setting have allowed me to write a great deal on a variety of projects and collateral, both online and off, and I certainly believe that this type of expertise is helpful in my situation. That’s because when visitors don’t turn into customers, you’re spinning your wheels – no matter what your Analytics may say. I focus on online sales conversions, not just SEO.

1,800 Views vs. 65 Views – Which Do You Prefer

In almost every situation content marketing is a far better choice for a business than spending money on temporary advertising.

Content is quite cost-efficient, because you pay for it once…then own its long term benefits forever. Unlike ads, which vanish the second you stop writing checks.

For the keyword phrase “private jet charter“, an industry I am quite familiar with, where the suggested bid per click is $6.49.

Simple math shows that only 10 visitors would cost you $65 at that rate! Now of course the margins on charter flights are such that people are willing to be this competitive per click. But you better CLOSE those sales, or you get in to trouble quickly.

Then consider my most visited page on this site…and one that I have not promoted in any special way, other than publishing it back in January 2011.

It’s been viewed more than 1,800 times.

Other Sample Works

In addition to the many clients we’ve had for SEO web content writing and development, I’ve written in a wide variety of other formats, going back to those very first ad agency days in the early 2000s. This has taught me the value in producing web content or general copywriting in many other applications, such as brochures, print ads, annual reports, white papers, press releases, long-form articles, commercial advertising, radio scripts, even billboards.

My motto is, “If it’s online marketing, I can get it done for you”. I have a team of really fantastic graphic designers, programmers, PPC experts, SEO gurus and more. We are truly a one-stop shop if you’re looking for an established, long-term relationship that you can count on for all your marketing needs. That’s simply how we do things.

When you become a client, I need you to have the highest levels of success, because I want you as a client for life.


If you don’t see the sample you’re looking for, please let me know – there are many others I can share with you! Email me at: jhaynes@hattrickassociates.com.

I’ll have something back to you right away, and answer any questions on getting your project successfully done, within your budget  ~

Jim Haynes | Owner, Hat Trick Associates


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