SEO Web Content Marketing Builds Site Traffic and Revenue

Adding high quality content to your website does so many things. Visitors will see you as a leading authority for industry insight and information. It persuades prospects with attention-grabbing communication, and encourages them to share via their social media accounts. It signals to search engines that your website is relevant and up-to-date.Content-Writing

Your Web Content Strategy

To connect and do business with targeted inbound prospects, you need more than “content” on your site – you need the right content, and you need to structure your on-site variables correctly. Such as:

   – Did you know that posts/pages need a minimum of 500 words, or they actually PENALIZE your website?

   – If you are using Categories in WordPress, stop! And go back to previous posts and remove them too.

   – De-index images all images. Google views them as separate pages, and they don’t have 500 words of copy of course.



SEO and Web Content

We write content that captivates the attention of search engines and readers too. But SEO is about more than web content. It includes on-site optimization of things like title tags, anchor text, meta descriptions and keywords, and off-site components like link-building, business directories, citations, social media links/shares, and more. Our experience allows us to take advantage of each of these to bring more potential customers to your site.

SEO Web Content Writing

SEO Web Content Marketing is Key to Your Website’s Success

I Can Help Your SEO, Web Content & Social Needs

We write content of the highest quality for your new or existing website, or for any other marketing need.

We write engaging marketing messages that result in sales conversions and social sharing. I can help with social media, email marketing campaigns, Google AdWords/PPC, landing page development and much more.

Contact us for free education on what you could be doing to help your business succeed online.

Hire an Expert, Cost-Effective SEO Web Content Writer



Local SEO

Are you a business that relies on the surrounding neighborhood and communities for customers? Do you have a physical location? Or provide goods and services to local consumers?

If the answer to any of these was yes, visit our Local SEO Services page. You could be passing up a massive opportunity, and not even know it. Your competitor’s Google+ page could look like this below. You can leap frog companies just like this one, and find YOURSELF on the front page instead of the competitor right down the street.

An unoptimized Google+ page AND one that is currently part of the “Big 7″ in a high-value term (named Big 7 because seven local search results show up on the 1st page when consumers search in your area. This is the kind of competitor that honestly we can tear apart with our Local SEO Services to get YOU on the front page of local Google results instead of them. What would that mean for business?


Local SEO Services Sample Google Plus Page - Not Optimized



Here’s some of my most popular articles via Google Analytics stats:

My most popular article, by a landslide, is: So How Many Blogs are There, Anyway?

This page has been viewed by tens of thousands of visitors, from everywhere around the globe, and been quoted in a great many places.

(Try “How Many Blogs” along with, “are there”, “are there in the world”, “exist” etc. and you’ll find me).

At one point I was the top result, but I haven’t done much with this page recently. It simply didn’t attract as many actual potential clients and convert as well as others that I’ve written. But the lessons learned were invaluable. As your expert web content writer, contact me and I’d be happy to tell you more about the experience! Jim Haynes



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