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We Can Help with Local SEO


The vast majority of searches done today are for LOCAL products and services.

A whopping 94% of consumers pick a link on the FIRST PAGE of results. So if your customers can’t find you there, they usually don’t find you at all.

Local SEO is all about getting your website to rank more highly with Google, Yahoo and Bing.


Local SEO Services are critical if you:

1) Have a physical location where you expect consumers to go

2) Rely on local neighborhoods and the surrounding community to sell your product or service

Local SEO Services for your community based business

The Top 7 Local companies make the cut with Google to show up on the first page.

We can get you into the Top 7 Local results with Local SEO services. You’ll see:

  • Increased customer traffic to your website
  • More calls and walk-in volume to your local storefronts
  • Increased calls to your local office or warehouse
  • Increased online brand exposure and improved customer experiences
  • Improved accuracy of your business information
  • Maximized return on investment

Web Content Writing

Another key to high search rankings is having high-quality, unique web content added frequently – in the form of blogs or static webpages.

And what good is web traffic that doesn’t convert? Your high-quality content better be PERSUASIVE as well.

  • Visitors will see you as a leading authority for industry information
  • You persuade prospects to TAKE ACTION by calling or visiting your local storefronts or offices
  • It shows Google and others that you’re up-to-date, with more keywords too…resulting in higher rankings
  • It influences visitors to share via social media, doing your marketing for you

Ask about our web content writing services and get a quote on your project within 24 hours.




Local SEO Example: Golden Opportunity for Local Companies

The Google+ page below currently ranks first for a lucrative keyword term “physical trainers in St. Louis”.

People making this search seem highly motivated to change their lives. So you want to be here first if this is your industry.

But for the all-important Google+ page seen below, they don’t even have a logo or background image loaded yet. YOU could jump ahead of this type of competition, and put YOUR business on the front page instead. Learn more about very affordable plans with our superior Local SEO experts.




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Web Content in the Year 2030

As I was stuck in the airport for a bit over the weekend, coming back from a (great) trip up to Canada, I heard one of the TV hosts talking about the jobs of the future, as part of a piece on advice to today’s young people. He said that 70% of the jobs available in 2030 don’t even exist yet.

Think about that for just a bit. 70%? That’s a huge percentage of new jobs. And what will they look like? Well, you have to assume that the great majority of them will be online, though there will certainly be a good number of more “hands-on” jobs in new manufacturing industries such as the highly touted Green energy field. And even these manufacturing jobs will be incredibly high tech. But how to prepare for a position that doesn’t even exist yet? Being flexible and well versed in current technology is the best way to be ready for even newer technologies.

What does this mean for the web and online content? Like everything else, it will be a rapidly evolving process. The mediums that you use to reach online visitors may change dramatically in the next 20 years. Very few could have More >