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Local SEO Services: Easy, effective online marketing for your business.

SEO, or “Search Engine Optimization” is a simple concept.

It is any work that is done to make your website more visible and attractive to Google, Bing, Yahoo and others so that they will feature you with consistently better rankings when people conduct searches using the keywords that best describe your offering.

Local SEO Services are designed to promote local companies, and is a component of “Organic” SEO  – the broader definition of search engine optimization, which applies to every site on the web; commercial, non-profit, personal, Internet only business, educational and even governmental websites.

As the search engines rank their results based on keywords, your SEO goal is to show up on the 1st page of search results, where 96% make a selection. Then your goal becomes the #1 spot on the list!

Organic SEO is based on many variables, but the two most important components are the work of a web content writer who creates and frequently publishes high-quality web content and link-building.

Local SEO inexpensive online promotion

“Local” SEO Promotes a Physical Location

There is a specialty type of SEO based on physical locations of a business, that draws a good portion of their customers from the local area. If you have a brick & mortar store or office, you’re obviously a Local business. If people contact you directly to set up appointments for you to visit them in their home or office, this applies to you too.

In general, if customers ever need to find your physical location, or make direct contact with you to coordinate your products and services, Local SEO was designed specifically for you.

Half of Searches are Now Local

People go online now to find Local businesses – making 100 million Local searches every day!

Local SEO Yellow Pages are Dead Phone Book

This is the fate of the majority of phone books these days

The Phone Book is Dead.

Do still hold out hope that customers will find you in a yellow book? 75% of adults “never” or “rarely” use a printed directory like these; plenty of younger people have *never used one! Many neighborhoods also want to limit their distribution, because so many are immediately thrown away – creating huge waste for the community.

Newspaper is Dead, Too.

I love that Dad still gets the newspaper delivered to the house. It’s a unique experience to sit down at the table and read articles that way. But Local newspaper readership is in massive decline, down 40-80%. Many papers would be gone now without the support of their online cousins.

So you have to be online now, that’s where your customers are. Actually, the return on investment via Local SEO is so high, financially you are better off in the long run not spending a penny more than you already have on phone book directories. But I understand that change takes time, and some of you will hold on a bit longer with the yellow pages. Just know at the very least that the amount spent here should be minimal!


Two Types of Searches Create Local Results

The first happens when the consumpromo5er adds a city, “a geo-modifier” to their search. “Realtor in West County” “St. Louis Boutique Hotels” “Chesterfield dry cleaners” are good St. Louis-based examples.

And sometimes you will get a Local result simply based on your search terms. Simply type “Dry Cleaners” into Google, and they correctly assume that you are looking for one nearby regardless of adding a geo-modifier or not. Google, Bing and others know where you are when making a search, for many categories like “plumber” or “bakery” they automatically assume you are looking for one nearby. Now you only need to make sure that your business is the one that is featured!


There are different formats, but Local results are always featured prominently on the 1st page and on Google Maps. Here are the results from “St. Louis Plumbers”

Local SEO Services Sample Seven Pack

Any local business will benefit from Local SEO Services. It’s a guarantee that there are errors and omissions when considering how many different directories there are. And search engines places a high priority on your various listings across the web to be consistent. This refers to your NAP, “Name, Address and Phone Number”.

Google and the other engines are very smart, but they are computers none the less. When they scan the web looking for your NAP, they want to see an *exact match of these three items to be consistent, this is what gives Google, Bing and others the confidence that you are who you say you are. Phone numbers and business names can change, companies can move to new locations. Web addresses (not officially part of the NAP, but important anyway) can change over time as well.

This is matching process is actually precise enough that it sees differentiation between using “Avenue” and “Ave” in your address. So you need to make firm decisions when starting Local SEO; changing your listings mid-stream is an expensive endeavor you want to avoid!

Everywhere your NAP is listed exactly as it should be on a single page anywhere on the web (Google+ is typically seen as the correct NAP), that is called a Citation. Think of Citations as a “vote” for your business, the more votes you have the better of course.

Here is a sampling of local businesses that can see great gain using Local SEO services:

  • Professional services, realtors, mortgage companies, banking services, financial advisors, insurance agents, all attorneys, accountants, tax preparers, travel agents, independent agents of many types
  • Medical and health providers, doctors, dentists, orthodontists, opticians, home healthcare and all senior services, veterinarians, child care, weight loss, gyms, sports medicine, chiropractors
  • Any auto-related businesses; home improvement and contractors, all repair (on or off site)  maintenance, electricians, HVAC, pest control, household appliances, furniture; computers and tech providers, all emergency services
  • Retail and consumer services, restaurants, bars; gourmet foods/wines/spirits, gift shops, bakeries, florists, framers, bridal, photographer, fashion, boutiques, jewelry/watches, dry cleaners, bowling alleys, golf courses, pool halls, sporting goods, music schools, dance & gymnastic studios, hairdressers, beauty/nail salons, pet products, kindergartens/preschools
Local Searches are the Most Profitable $$

4 out of every 5 Local searches results in a purchase, often within a few hours. That’s an amazing 80% conversion rate!

Why so high? Customers who do these searches are the most motivated you’ll find. They often know exactly what they want, or at least have a good idea. This is great for you, since the hard work has been done already. You aren’t spending money trying to get customers interested in the product or service, they are already looking for someone close by to purchase from!

What you need to do is simply make sure they can see you after that search has been made. So Local SEO Services put you in front of these people at just the right time…they are nearby, searching for what you sell.

 Local SEO Services Location Visits Statistics
How Can You Highlight YOUR Business?

We use hundreds of online resources like the search engines themselves and business and other directories to ensure you are seen when Local searches take place.

Our proprietary Local SEO monthly reporting provides you with actionable data each month, that you can track and see trends. You’ll be able to read reviews directly from your dashboard and respond to them directly. Our Call Metrics feature gives you the ability to listen in on all incoming calls, when they came in and how long it took to answer them, and the system will listen in to note any time that the keywords you select (such as “buy”, or “schedule) are said during a conversation.

We are continually adding functionality to our platform to make it even more robust than it is currently – and no one can match the unique features we already have. Our Enterprise-level relationships with other providers online give us the chance to offer you pricing that our competitors simply cannot! Our Reviews section is the next to see a huge jump in capabilities, sometime this December.


Listen… Do You Want to Know a Secret?

There is a critical first step related to SEO that only about 20% of Local businesses have taken thus far, and it isn’t that hard to do (though it does take a bit of time). When you understand the how (and why!) you’ll see why it is very critical you do so.

This step alone will help your Local SEO results just by itself, and the process is free…so I’ll not only tell you what it is, but actually do it for you  Free Local SEO resources just to earn the opportunity to say hello!

Put “LOCAL” in the subject line below to let me know you’re interested in having this done for your business, no commitments asked!

I look forward to hearing from you!




Jim Haynes | Owner, Hat Trick Associates





 (314) 494-3494


*I’ve been writing and building websites now for over 8 years, and been helping various companies promote themselves online since the very first days of the web. I began offering Local SEO services once it was shown how well it worked to promote my clients at a low cost.
























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