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Creating your content is just half the battle of course. Continually writing and posting high quality copy on your site is a vital step, for both conversions and long term SEO success. But online distribution elsewhere is every bit as important to your web presence.

A recent study by McAfee found that four out of five website visits start with a search engine query. So if your website doesn’t have good search engine rankings then you’re missing out on 80% of the traffic you could be getting!

How Can Hat Trick Associates Help With Press Release Distribution?

We can greatly boost your online distribution with our new SEO & Media Exposure Professional Package. If you have a new press release, we can distribute your content to traditional media, newspapers, magazine distribution, and build your inbound link network to increase your credibility in search engines for just $169.

This package includes distribution to many online newswires and aggregation services and lots of traditional media, including thousands of newspapers and magazines.

And of course we can write the press release or article for you, with writing services starting as low as $125 per release depending on specific content and length required!

HTA – SEO & Media Exposure Professional Package for: Press Releases

* Distribution to US Newspapers (6500+)
* Distribution to Magazines relative to your industry (3500+)
* Distribution to search engines including Google, Yahoo, Ask, AOL and more.
* Distribution to popular newswires including EIN News, Inbox Robot, Google News, News Blaze, Earth Times, Financial Wire, Consumer News, Times of the Internet, Topix, RedTram, & more.
* Distribution to 40 premium news partner websites.
* Distribution to our Newswire Network (600+ industry channel websites)
* Distribution to opt-in journalists subscribers.
* Distribution through RSS and JavaScript feeds.
* Include your press release in up to 12 industry categories.
* Include SEO anchor text links and formatting in your press release.
* Include SEO tags/keywords linking back to your website.
* Next day distribution option (if submitted before 5pm PST, 8pm EST).
* Access to statistics to measure your campaign.
* Receive a Proof of Distribution report with links to your press release posted on between 40 to 60 websites.
* Include a video up to 3 minutes in length.
* Attach up to 7 files, logos or images (jpg, gif, bmp, pdf, xls, txt, doc)
* News shared on Press Release Twitter.
* Guaranteed front page display with our distributor.
* Press release review and optimization.
* Permanent inclusion in our searchable database

Have An Article That Needs Exposure?

Press releases are by design more immediate, and news related. But what about articles that aren’t about news items but instead do things like share tips and advice, identify trends, have human interest or business related stories, for just a few examples? By far one of the most effective ways of improving your search engine rankings is through writing and submitting articles. Why is this so important?

First, an article needs to be written, once again something Hat Trick Associates can do for you as well. But either way, your article needs to be written about something related to the subject of your website. For example, if you ran a website about sporting collectables you could write an article about how others could become collectors, or how to value or acquire items — basically anything you want to so long as it relates to your website topic.

Somewhere in the article you include a link to your website, and you then submit your article to ‘article directories’ on the Internet. An article directory is a repository of lots of articles that people have submitted.

Why Are They So Effective?

For every article directory that publishes your article you’ll get a link to your website (the link you included in your article), and also other websites might ‘pick-up’ your article to publish on their own website – meaning you get even more links. So the more directories you submit to, the more links you’ll get. Of course, you need to write a good quality article so that your article is published by the directories.

The reason article submissions are so effective is because each article is published on its own unique webpage, meaning your link might be the only external link on that page, which gives your link full ‘strength’. Also, because the article is based on the theme of your website your link is given even more strength.

How Can Hat Trick Associates Help With Article Marketing?

The problem with article directories is that many of them require you register before you can submit, which is a real pain. But this is no longer a problem! Hat Trick Associates incorporates an automatic registration tool that allows us to register with hundreds of directories in no time at all.

There is also a text randomization for the article Title, Description, Body, and Author biography fields, so if you are writing the article yourself, you can write something like “The {quick|slow} {yellow|brown} fox jumps over the lazy {dog|elephant}” and we will construct different sentences such as:

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
The slow yellow fox jumps over the lazy elephant
The slow brown box jumps over the lazy elephant
…and so on….

You can do this for single words, sentences, or even paragraphs. You can even nest randomizations within randomizations! The benefit of this is that you can submit different article text to each directory, ensuring each article is unique, and therefore maximizes SEO effectiveness.We also don’t just stop at the submission stage, oh no, we can even log into your directory accounts and automatically check the article published status, when it was published, and how many times your article has been viewed – pretty cool ‘eh?

And since we’re all busy people and don’t really relish the thought of spending hours submitting to directories, we’ve created a system that can auto-submit for you.

HTA – SEO & Media Exposure Professional Package: for Articles

With our Professional Package for Articles, we can submit your article to more than 1,000 article directories. We designed the package to be flexible, so you can submit to just 25 directories to begin with, or 50…100…500…or all 1,000+ directories.

And our basic service package starts at just $1 for each article directory between from 50-100; just 50 cents per directory from 100-500; and then just 25 cents a submission up to 1000 and beyond.

And as always, if you need the article written too, writing services begin at just $125 depending on subject and length.

Our service offerings also now include submissions to over 4,000 website directories too, a topic for our next posting. The bottom line is – when you have distribution OR writing needs for your web content, contact us and see how we can help you achieve your goals.