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LinkedIn Premium

In this past week, LinkedIn announced its Job Seeker Premium Account. If you want to pay extra money every month, LinkedIn will push your name to the top of the hiring manager’s list as a “Featured Applicant.” It’s clear how this benefits LinkedIn; it creates more revenue. It’s also has obvious benefits for applicants. In addition to the “Buy your way to the top” feature, it also provides them with more InMails, a webinar for job seekers, and other benefits. But what about for hiring managers? I’m not so sure. When I’m hiring, I want the best applicant. If someone has paid additional money for a more expensive account, it tells me they really want a job, and that they have the extra money. But it certainly doesn’t mean they will be a better employee, or better suited for a particular job. I would greatly prefer a service that provides me with a ranking system on my applicants that is based solely on their qualifications.