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Myth #5: Social Media Is Hard Work

Well, this one isn’t a myth, but it’s worth addressing while we’re at it.  Sure, successfully growing and interacting with a community on social networks require dedication and reasonable, but sustained commitment.

If that sounds like a bit of hard work to you, well, it is! But the rewards justify the effort. If you’re allergic to hard work, then you probably shouldn’t be in business anyway. Take some pride and joy in the interactions you have with your community and soon, what may have felt like another item on your to-do list will actually be one of the best parts of your day. And when you start having a demonstrated affect on sales and start capturing purchase intent with social media interaction, then all the hard work will be worth it.

I hope these myths won’t hold you back from engaging in social media interaction any longer. There are customers out there waiting to talk to you, and all you have to do is join the conversation.

So which other social media myths do you think need to be “debunked”?  Have you fallen victim to any of those listed? Do you have anything to add when addressing these myths? Leave your comments in the box below.