I’ve been searching recently to answer a question that many who are considering new online programs have asked: Just how many blogs are there, anyway?

Let us start by saying that hard, reliable data is difficult to find! Many of the services or engines that track individual blogs, especially Google, don’t share their information. Even for those that do share data, it’s still impossible to know if their lists are all-inclusive, or how many “dead” and zombie, or “sleeping” blogs they contain.

“Dead” means just what you probably think it means – the blog has been permanently abandoned or discontinued. Unfortunately, this is the fate of many blogs.

Zombie or “sleeping” blogs are terms I just made up, because they seem to fit so nicely – blogs that are temporarily dormant, but will be revived by their owners at some point in the future.

So, you want a number, right?

Well, the current estimates say there are about 450 million “active” English language blogs right now, but that number varies according to the source. Technorati estimated over 200 million blogs at the start of 2009, with exponential growth since then.

Of course these numbers change every day however, as new blogs are started by the thousands (or More >