SEO Content Marketing Builds Website Traffic and Revenue

Adding high quality to your website does so many things. It distinguishes you as a leading authority for industry insight and information. It persuades prospective customers with attention-grabbing communication, and encourages them to share via their social media accounts. It signals to Google, Yahoo and Bing that your website is relevant and up-to-date. And it keeps your web content fresh and interesting for website visitors.Content-Writing

Creating Your Content Strategy

To connect and do business with targeted inbound prospects, you need more than simple “content” on your site – you need the right content. Maximizing your site’s traffic potential involves using popular keywords and common phrases customers associate with your products and/or services. But do you know the precise terms your prospective customers use for their searches? How do you discover this information?

   – Web designers, developers & novice SEO marketers all too often overlook the crucial phase of proper keyword research and analysis, but this keyword research is a major part of our comprehensive content strategy process

   – We research and analyze keywords specific to your website and customer demographics

   – We use a number of proprietary search term archives and data sources to review historical query frequency and evaluate competition

   – By assessing both search volume and SEO/SEM competition for various phrases & word combinations, we discover strong opportunities for focused inbound leads

   – We organize your web content in a logical, cohesive structure

   – We can help arrange your website content into an effective layout that delivers the greatest impact while producing the most conversions

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is at the core of modern online copywriting. We have many years of experience writing for the web, and with SEO in mind.

   – We deliver copy that captivates readers and the attention of search engines

   – We focus on consumer relevance while always considering keyword density

   – Our web content and blogging services all follow “best-practice” SEO, including title tag optimization, anchor text links, meta description, meta keywords, image alt text

SEO Web Content Writing

SEO Content Marketing is Key to Your Website’s Success

How Hat Trick Associates Can Help

    Our writers produce professionally written materials of the highest quality for your new or existing site

   – We write engaging marketing messages that result in sales conversions and your content being shared socially

   – Whatever your writing needs are for your website, Hat Trick Associates can deliver.

   – We also provide full social media account setup and management, email marketing, PPC and landing pages, press releases, ad copywriting for physical marketing pieces and much more

Contact us to learn more about the many services we can offer you to help your business become more successful online.

Hire an Affordable SEO Web Content Writer

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Is Groupon Good or Bad For Retailers?

This social coupon craze has become a big thing. For retailers, the question is whether it’s a good thing or bad thing. Sites like Groupon and the many clones that have sprung up (the local newspaper, the Post Dispatch, now has a similar service) can certainly drive traffic into stores. But many are not prepared for the onslaught – creating negative customer experiences.

And these services are also creating what we call the “Famous Barr syndrome”. (For those not familiar, Famous Barr was a Midwestern U.S. department store chain, since absorbed into Macy’s). They had “big sales” and offered large discount coupons so often that people became reluctant to shop there unless there was a current promotion. Sites like Groupon do the same thing, training people to expect that they can get a coupon for almost anything.

Coupons have of course been around for years, and have been available on the Internet since the earliest days. But now there are so many services and websites offering discounts, the customer is becoming trained to never, ever pay full price. This pricing model works well for some businesses, not so well for others.

And whether a retailer or other merchant makes money depends on many factors, More >


Article Marketing in 7 Easy Steps

Article marketing is a great way to improve your credibility and boost your website traffic. But you can’t just submit any old rubbish to the directories. Here are the seven pillars you should consider every time you want to write an article.

1. Prepare A good article requires good research. This requires visiting websites, reading the news, spending some time surfing forums in your niche, reading blog posts and comments, and reviewing sites like Yahoo Answers. Find problems that people have that you can provide a solution to.

2. Produce When you have your article idea you are ready to start writing. Your article needs to be well structured. In the introduction to the article you need to outline the problem for the reader. Then break the solution down into a series of short paragraphs; walk them through it step-by-step. Finally you need to summarize the solution. The first two steps in this process are often the hardest for business owners and others with limited time and resources, which is where companies similar to Hat Trick Associates and other freelancers come into play.

3. Polish When you’re finished re-read your article. Does your article provide the reader with enough useful information to make them want to take More >