My goal as an online marketing pro is to educate you on Local SEO (search engine optimization), web content and other things you can do online to help your business thrive. My primary mission is to share and teach what I know to those who are interested.

You can apply the techniques described here yourself, and will certainly see good results. I’m also betting that some of you will see my expertise and hire me to do these things for you!

Local SEO is critical for local businesses

Local SEO is very important if you:

1) Have a physical location where you conduct business

2) Rely on local neighborhoods and communities for new customers or clients

Local SEO Services for your community based businessGoogle now features area businesses on the 1st Page of results for appropriate searches. The trick is – only what they deem the “Top 7″ local companies make the cut.

Why is being on the front page so vital?

- 94% of online consumers don’t go past the first page. Stop and think about that number for a moment.

So it makes sense to do EVERYTHING you can to get on this first page, especially if it’s cost effective. And we can get you into this Top 7 with Local SEO services.

Web Content

Adding high-quality web content to your site regularly is another must to rank highly with Google. Visitors will see you as a leading authority for industry insight, and it persuades prospects to take action while encouraging them to share on social media. It also signals to search engines that your website is relevant and up-to-date.

Quality web content is a key to ranking highly with search engines like Google. This is the other type of SEO, that you may already be familiar with. If you are looking for expert content writing for your blog or website please contact us.




Local SEO is the golden opportunity for community businesses

The Google+ page below currently ranks first for a very lucrative St. Louis keyword term. This page is completely unoptimized, and is one that we could easily jump ahead of to put YOUR business on the first page instead. Remember, where 94% click a link. Most search terms are in the same situation, since local results are a relatively new offering from Google, and thus Local SEO is a brand new field.






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