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As a web content, SEO and general online marketing professional I see my primary role as sharing knowledge with others. Almost every post here is geared towards education. You can apply the techniques described here yourself, and will almost certainly see good results from your efforts.

I’m also betting that some of you don’t want to do all of these things for yourself.

Then you’ll see the expertise I have in these subjects, and want to work with me to accomplish your online goals. Regardless of intent, visit the Contact Me page with questions or comments.

Web Content Marketing Increases Revenues

Adding high-quality content to your site does many things. Visitors will see you as a leading authority for industry insight. It persuades prospects with attention-grabbing communication and encourages them to share via social media. It signals to search engines that your website is relevant and up-to-date.Content-Writing


Web Content & SEO

You don’t just need “content” that connects with visitors – you need the right content, structured correctly according to many variables. We know things that competitors don’t, keeping up with Google algorithm changes like no other.

 TIP:  Did you know that very brief pages don’t help your website rank any better, and may actually PENALIZE you?

SEO is about more than web content. There are numerous things both on-site and off that we use to help bring you more prospects when using our SEO services.



Local SEO

You may have heard about Local SEO, which is all about being on the first page of local search results that Google now provides.

Do you have a physical location? Does your business provide goods and services to the surrounding neighborhood or community?

If the answer is yes you need to visit our Local SEO Services page.


Below is the #1 listing for a lucrative search term in my hometown of St. Louis. This business shows up first even though they haven’t optimized their most important listing. Why? Because Google couldn’t find anyone better.

94% of searches never leave the first page. What could being on the first page be worth to YOUR company?

Local SEO is the golden opportunity for community businesses






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