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Have No Social Media Strategy? FACT: You May Not Have A Business Future!

Perhaps not very surprisingly, a recent report by Nielsenwire found that Internet users now spend more time on social networks than on any other website category. And the B2B buyer of today is able to pick and choose where and how to consume information online, making it more difficult to control the brand message. You are beholden to what is written and said about you via social media, whether you like it or not!

For marketers, this means it’s no longer a question of whether or not to use social media, but how to create compelling content, generate leads, and accurately measure their social ROI – something that has been quite difficult to do up to this point (and also the reason why some companies balked at using social media earlier in the game).

But marketers must master all aspects of social communication, from creating website content that engages potential customers and drives leads, to supporting these SEO-related/organic efforts with paid advertising using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and a number of other important social networking and bookmarking services. If you aren’t currently using social networking sites to a fairly high degree by now, you have ALREADY fallen behind your competition quite a bit. Companies that More >

Web Content Writer Tips

Business Tips for a Web Content Writer or Graphic Designer

At Hat Trick Associates, we like to share information that better prepares ourselves and even our competitors when it comes to successful web content writing and other online services. (Why? Because we often partner with other freelancers in what we do, and education is a primary goal for our company) When being a freelancer things can go wrong because we haven’t properly prepared. Today we have put together a list of sort of rules to follow as a web freelancer or web content writer, let us know which of these you follow and which ones you wish you knew before something bad happened. Always get a deposit

This is a tricky one but a must. It is important that they give you a percent of the price up front to insure you get paid for your work. The typical rate is from 25% to 50% depending on the size of the project. However this can back fire for clients as I’m sure its happened to most of you, I recently hired someone to redesign WebDesignDev and I paid 50%, when he showed me the design I told him I liked the concept but it lacked design, he turned on me More >

Email Marketing is Still Here!

We talk a lot about web content writers and SEO on our blog, but email remains strong for many marketers, despite the overwhelming adoption of social media and mobile platforms. Why is this?

Much of the time spent engaging with new channels and platforms is “new activity” time.  It’s not a zero-sum equation where time is being taken away from email. We as consumers have largely chosen that we prefer email as a medium to receive corporate communications from brands, 74% of adults say they prefer commercial messages in this way versus all others.

We like email, it’s manageable.  It’s something we understand. And by now the vast majority of us have learned to integrate email into our lives. True…older folks that have not adopted email by now have become likely to never adopt it; younger people may turn away from email completely in favor of other communication methods. But that said, email is still accepted by a very large percentage of the adult population, and the number of young people who do NOT use email is a growing but still small number – especially when you consider purchasing power. So email marketing isn’t going away.

Another emerging trend is using individual data within More >