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Web Content is Still King

There should be no argument that web content is still king.

A recent survey conducted by research firm eConsultancy contained a number of discoveries that show the continuing importance of web content.

The study revealed that a whooping 91% of in-house marketers use content marketing to sell their products and services.

The research also showed that over 90% of digital marketing professionals believe that content marketing will become even more important over the next year. This is a very significant finding, since website, social and email content is already viewed as critical by most professionals to begin with.

The survey also revealed the top three categories of online content which are working best for marketers today: social posts and updates (83%), email newsletters (78%) and news or main feature articles (67%). These findings highlight the need for quality web content writing services as well.

The researchers concluded that brands should first focus their efforts and resources on content marketing before advertising. This is because consumers will interact with their content online first, and give these brands valuable ideas and  insights about what is important to consumers. These companies can then utilize these insights to create more effective advertising pieces.

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Have No Social Media Strategy? FACT: You May Not Have A Business Future!

Perhaps not very surprisingly, a recent report by Nielsenwire found that Internet users now spend more time on social networks than on any other website category. And the B2B buyer of today is able to pick and choose where and how to consume information online, making it more difficult to control the brand message. You are beholden to what is written and said about you via social media, whether you like it or not!

For marketers, this means it’s no longer a question of whether or not to use social media, but how to create compelling content, generate leads, and accurately measure their social ROI – something that has been quite difficult to do up to this point (and also the reason why some companies balked at using social media earlier in the game).

But marketers must master all aspects of social communication, from creating website content that engages potential customers and drives leads, to supporting these SEO-related/organic efforts with paid advertising using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and a number of other important social networking and bookmarking services. If you aren’t currently using social networking sites to a fairly high degree by now, you have ALREADY fallen behind your competition quite a bit. Companies that More >